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How it started

In September 2012 I bought the domain At that moment I was living in Siem Reap in Cambodia and I had the idea to create a bookings app for local guest-houses and hotels. It took me about 6 months to create an app from scratch and I had several clients using my app.

This was the logo in 2012

And here are some screen shots out of the instruction manual of the app in 2012/2013

Due to circumstances I left Cambodia and I still kept 2 of my clients using this app. After a while those clients went out of business too and the project stopped. It was then 2015 or so and new ideas came in my mind to develop a new bookings app. The new app had to be easy to install and I needed a world-wide approach.

I worked part-time on the project, but I never got really inspired to develop it further and I had a lot of other projects to work on. So the bookings app was finished for about 60-70% and put aside for a few years.

Then in 2020 I found an investor and developed it further. But again it never got finished and working with this investor wasn’t what I had hoped for.

We decided to go our own way and now finally the bookings app is about to be launched. In May 2022 this WordPress plugin will become available for hotels and guesthouses. Afterwards new functionality will be developed for everyone who has anything for rent!

Think about bicycle rental, scooter rental, boats, jet-skis, etc. etc.

Meanwhile a unique market place is being developed where no one has to pay commissions on any booking!

More will be explained in next news articles.

Take care! See you next time.